Know almost Live sub answers and other knowledge sharing to pay 80% will die

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Li Junhui

write in front:

any paid service, if only a small number of people benefit from it, basically can not form a stable business model.

if the benefit of the growing size of the population, or the vast majority of people can benefit from this model is more vitality and communication.

at present, whether it is in the test, know almost Live, or in the launch of the sub answer, remove the initial due to a certain game properties, with the help of friends and other scenes may be a short period of time. Its pay to explore the scope of sustainability or benefit, remains to be further observed.

however, if you want to form a long-term sustainable pay service is needed in the so-called "V" or "Star" to explore the path or the establishment of mechanisms, otherwise, some look innovative attempt, may eventually become "V service" rather than for the vast majority of users.

, shell network "in the" launch "a" in the circle of friends seems to sweep a brush screen.

in accordance with the "answer" rule, everyone can ask everyone. The answer is to set your own price, between 1 and 500 blocks, and then get the money by answering the questions of others – it must be voice, and the time is limited to within 60 seconds.

In addition to

, the product is designed to be "divided": when the speaker’s voice is overheard by others, both the questioner and the respondent can receive 0.5 yuan.

obviously, because the pay question and answer rules allow everyone to ask questions or participate in the answer and answer or listen to answer, can be realized, so that the model has a certain game attributes.

with the authority of the WeChat open call rules, sub answer immediately caused a burst of brush screen in the circle of friends.

however, as during the Spring Festival Red photo ", intended to build" a paid service "service, will be brief and hot soon after the fall silent? Or can continue hot circle of friends, and to promote the arrival of the era of

pay quiz?

pay to explore: common challenges facing knowledge sharing sites

not long ago, almost officially launched the introduction of paid real-time Q & a function, know almost Live". This is the launch of "following the shell network line, and a knowledge sharing website to explore the paid service.

in accordance with the rules of almost Live know, know almost the user can apply to become a distributor, independent decision to initiate the time, in a separate window around the topic is good at answering questions, sharing.

and looking for answers to questions about the user, it is equivalent to the audience, through

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