P2P net loan or is now the first Ponzi scheme Gold loan suspected carrying money on foot

gold rush suspected foot more than 80 investors did not recover funds


P2P network loan company gold loan, after a week on the line, suddenly can not log in, the person in charge of the site lost contact Chen Jinlei. Currently there are more than 80 investors to invest in gold loans have not yet recovered, the specific amount is expected to exceed RMB 1 million yuan.

P2P network lending model is individual lending to each other through the network platform, its security has been questioned, but the P2P lending network in the country after the rise, has not yet occurred or malignant risk of payment fraud, gold loan event or will become the first P2P loan sector Ponzi scheme.

gold loan missing

June 3rd formally launched the gold rush.

from June 3rd to June 8th, according to incomplete statistics, investors are expected to have more than 80 investors to invest in gold loans.

June 6th, as part of the investor report, the capital account of the gold loan is third party payment platform to pay the news limit trading.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the ring payment was informed that the gold ring loan account has been paid in full.

is a gold loan in June 3rd launched the P2P network lending platform, the line on the website after a group of investors to put money into gold loan account, but from the late June 8th to the press, gold loan website can not log in, the person in charge of Chen Jinlei’s mobile phone is turned off.

P2P net loan business model is to provide a platform for the site, the loan side on the P2P website to release the loan demand, the borrower will lend money to the borrower through the site. In a loan transaction, the lender gets the money, while the borrower gains the investment.

After the

website can not log in, investors began to collect information investors Kai Jie, Kai Jie told the "First Financial Daily" (micro-blog) reporter: "now we have contacted more than 80 investors, involving a preliminary estimate of more than 1 million yuan, other investors are still in contact."

Because the

net loan platform investors are distributed all over the country, from June 9th to 10, two days around the gold loan investors were organized to go over the public security organs, the case is still being processed.

Daihatsu second mark to attract investors

was really stupid ah, a total investment of more than ten million, and now there are nearly 50 thousand yuan no back. Gold may be a Ponzi scheme, want to use the money to invest in new investors to pay interest and short-term returns to the old investors, in order to create the illusion of money to cheat more investment. Fortunately found early, followed by no new investors to follow up." A gold rush investors baore told reporters.

baore net loan circle or novice. June 3rd baore in a >

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