Stationmaster net broadcast SF logistics last mile out of the lost China webmaster micro data across

1 SF Shayu self convenience store: "last mile logistics" out of the lost

from the other side of the United States, separated by a water to Japan and Taiwan area, express + convenience store model has blossom everywhere. Private express delivery Chinese kg SF also personal independence of conduct, in 2012 began Pathfinder express + convenience store, but the situation is not optimistic, launched not long, Beijing convenience stores either shut down, or give up the convenience store business, just as a courier to send and receive points. In SF SF headquarters in Shenzhen, decided to start the pilot 20 convenience stores, two years later, this figure had almost no change. Just launched a convenience store, 1000 in the nation to aspiring SF convenience store layout, but in the first convenience store after the launch, SF failed to expand. Is this model The climate does not suit one. apprenticeship is not fine or SF,

?In fact,

SF convenience store play idea is not a day for two days, before the self import convenience stores, SF has been in cooperation with convenience stores, both the 7-11 convenience stores such heavyweights, or Qianhui such items, are SF partners, and cooperation is not wrong. The same is the express + convenience store model, experience and convenience stores in the original authorized cooperation and self convenience store Pathfinder not shun, is to self import convenience stores, or to their tentacles have never been involved in the retail industry, in fact, SF has his own reason.

2 DCCI2013-2014 Chinese station * cross year micro data: 77% webmaster daily PV5000 below

A5 webmaster network reported that, DCCI Internet Data Center recently released the 2013-2014 Chinese * * micro data across the years, through a series of micro data on China’s personal webmaster group launched an investigation and analysis. The data show that the 1 and the 53.7% station located in Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong; 2, 65% of mobile owners still watching, 68% site operators 5 and below the small team, 77% owners of the website operators for the daily PV5000; 3, the webmaster profit pattern of diversified development, advertising accounted for drop. 4, the webmaster network and the webmaster home is still the main site to obtain information and services.

3 happy net defeated social network: engineer culture startups death  

happy network has become the reason for the air star, from the strong cultural engineer. Although the product can achieve the operation and service, but was the snub, lack of rapid response capabilities. Happy net although retired, but not into the dead end, still have the opportunity to stage a comeback.

Internet industry’s most ruthless

even if you are sitting on billions of dollars of users yesterday, today there is a new product, will valuations plummeted, users instantly go away from you.

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