Watercress decided to shut down a North footprint function that data capture poor travel network


at noon today, a founder of the north in the vicinity of the Arab League, said the decision to shut down the footprints in the watercress function. The footprints in the watercress is a place marking function, can mark the same place as the film marked the book, write comments column.

why would suddenly shut down? The thing is this: the two day poor travel network watercress grabbed travel destination data, poor travel network operations director at a known problem in published a detailed answer to provide evidence. A North in the same or problem responded, admit " the ‘footprint’ in the test before and after grasping some geographic data is poor travel network " and ", decided to shut down the ‘footprint’ function; ":

did not have a "watercress travel" products. "Footprint" is a pilot experiment in the laboratory, mainly based on the 2006 watercress "I go" function and data. Footprint from a three to four, engineers based team to perform independently, in addition to the main product line, there is no formal navigation entrance.

" footprint "in testing before and after really grabbed some geographical data poor travel network. This is not as an enterprise recognized and allowed to do things. As the final responsibility of Douban, I solemnly apologize to the poor travel network.

I have decided to shut down the "footprint" function, and clear away all from poor travel network geographic data.

I personally apologize to Shaw and Cai Jinghui. Please, thank you.

more than a month ago, watercress had an address on the line for the travel.douban.com page (link is now not open), the above copy only written " about to line " and leave a WeChat two-dimensional code. But the official WeChat public name is " watercress travel ". " watercress travel " the WeChat public number in April 9th was the message said the products will be on line in the near future, as for the on-line " what is the content, you can think of a long time before I went to the ‘resurrection’ version of ".


in the second half of 2006, start with "I go" function, the user can mark their " to " " location, have been in place, " and " " is to place. But then it turned off. In April 24th, watercress announced in its official blog that the original " I went to " function resurrection, watercress user’s personal home page is also more " footprint " plate.

issued this article, watercress footprint function can also

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