Cybersquatting chaos personal repeated registration reservation domain name also robbed


registered website domain name into new wealth shortcut

In 2007

, the video sharing site "six rooms" buy "", the same year, Google (Chinese) to buy "", "", the purchase of sina in 2010 2011, the purchase of excellence "", the buyers are spending millions of dollars.

from the CN domain starting price of the existing online, prices to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as "" of the starting price of 100 thousand yuan, 250 thousand yuan of "", "" 300 thousand yuan. The value of the domain name is evident.

domain name investor Zheng Minjie is also very profitable. In 2003, he will "" to "" and other 23 single letter CN domain name registration, and later, he will sell a single letter domain name, which,, sold $98 thousand 13. Zheng Minjie said that his cost is only about 8000 yuan.

Beijing Sheng Feng lawyer, director of the Committee Chinese Internet Association policy and resources expert Yu Guofu said that the domain name transaction does not violate relevant legal provisions, is a common investment behavior of intellectual property, "but for the purpose of making profits, registered trademarks of others or well-known brand name goods and services and domain name registration and malicious sale that is a violation of the relevant laws and regulations, will bring greater risks to their own".


domain name investment profits, industry management loopholes, the industry has developed all kinds of chaos.

personal registration repeated

announced in 2004 the implementation of China Internet domain name management approach does not prohibit the use of personal domain name registration. But from the first edition in 2002 "China Internet Network Information Center domain name registration rules" to the implementation of the June 5, 2009 version of "domain name registration rules", the fourteenth is always the "domain name registration, the applicant shall be registered according to law and be able to bear the civil liability of independent organization".

in 2008 Zheng Minjie v. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) the domain name dispute case, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court ruled that "conflict" rules for the implementation of the registration of the domain name "Chinese apparently with the Internet domain name management measures", "rules for the implementation of the" effectiveness of the domain name registration below "measures" the administration of Internet domain name Chinese, so the relevant provisions are not applicable. On the other hand, from the development of time, the domain name registration rules can not be implemented on December 20, 2004, China Internet domain name management approach has an impact.

December 12, 2002, CNNIC issued a notice on the implementation of CN two domain name registration program. March 17, 2003, CNNIC is >

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