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1 open Internet lottery sale crisis behind the suspicions of  

2014, China’s Internet lottery sales reached 85 billion, accounting for more than 20% of the overall lottery sales. As the industry leader, 500 lottery is on the NYSE stock market capitalisation of $Changhong, more than 10 dollars.

the spring of 2015, this hot industry has been a ban on the three departments to the brink of collapse. More than 40 websites have to stop selling, once thriving 500 lottery, the share price is more early in October last year will continue to decline, more recently fell into 4, badly hurt.


should to the glory of the Internet lottery, why now facing and small by decomposition of crowning calamity? The mystery.

2 came back again by domain name: Lenovo  

built the magic reuse workshop;

It is reported,

news March 3rd, Lenovo FM365 has become fashionable for a time portal website domain name, in an anechoic tracing after more than and 10 years, came back, and then be enabled to build Lenovo reuse, a subsidiary of magic factory website.

is well known, in 1999, Lenovo launched the portal, Lenovo Internet strategy vanguard. Soon, won the attention of users, initially successful. 2001, Lenovo is a joint AOL spend two hundred million to build to become one of the largest portal. also wanted to become a popular website of the year, shengjiyishi.

3.2 digital domain name was traced to nearly 1 million 600 thousand yuan trading  

March 3rd hearing, domain name investor Chen recently sold 2 digital domain name, the transaction price of $250 thousand (about $1 million 570 thousand).

2 digital domain and "music, dance, play music, martial music, gift" homophonic, can be used to build games, martial arts, dance, gifts website and other fields, the name of the terminal 65 game network ( While the main domain name is 65 Games official website domain name.

4.2 erotic new top-level domain name ".Porn", ".Adult" entered the sunrise phase of  

according to foreign media news, 2 erotic new top-level domain name ".Porn" (PORN), ".Adult" (adult) on March 2nd officially entered the sunrise period.

.Xxx operating company ICM announced that within the next 30 days, trademark holders registered in the trademark information exchange can give priority to their own trademark related ".Porn" and ".Adult" domain >

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