VR content is not enough but it is leading the development of VR hardware

Kaleidoscope Pinnell pointed out that the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival held in mind, is to promote the development of content lag. From the recent release of SuperDate and Gartner virtual reality report, the activity of the VR hardware market is far greater than the content market. Hardware content before the entire VR industry is almost the mainstream voice, but it is not difficult to reverse the investigation found that VR hardware part of the design actually restricts the development of the content.

based on HTC Vive mobile mechanism is a good example, although people were once amazing room level action tracking, but Vive is not a good way to deal with the big scene moves. Most of the content developers will according to the relevant characteristics of Vive handle design a "flash (Blink) function, VR content and some even directly ruled out the basic set of mobile, this is actually a concession to design hardware.

In addition to the VR, in order to meet the control of the main perspective of the

problem, the hardware developers can not be said to be useless. Sega in 90s began the research of virtual reality equipment head movements, while FOVE recent deep eye tracking and Oculus Touch fit ring design hand control, let the game player experience is becoming more and more perfect.

The emergence of a large number of VR

peripherals, is basically a problem in the solution of hardware and content mismatch. Although the content of VR is not very mature, but they still guide the development of VR hardware to some extent.

alone VR head can not meet the basic needs of traditional content

cross key handle after decades of testing, has almost become the best game content control program, Oculus platform VR game "Lucy ‘s Tale" also proved this point. However, in order to show more close to the true sense of movement, it is derived from the Virtuix Omni mobile control peripherals.

Omni is somewhat similar to the home treadmill, Virtuix company tries to meet the basic demands of the experience of walking freely in virtual reality. However, although Virtuix has developed nearly three years after the success of the public to raise, but the CES Omni product experience is still just passable. From the foreign media gizmag feedback results, because Omni did not use the traditional conveyor belt form, plus the supporting effect of sensor shoes, people will feel discomfort in the use of equipment, even like sliding on the ice.

aside from the field of view, gyroscope, and the contents of the design itself, we will find that the VR content of the input and output is completely wrong. In simple terms, a simple action feedback in virtual reality requires a lot of pre operation.

take flight experience as an example, the traditional content in the change of position may use only two keys, and >

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