B station corruption gave staff involved the opportunity to repent

first financial technology Liu Jia

was first reported in July 29th, the first financial barrage video site BiliBili (hereinafter referred to as the B station) before the game operator is responsible for Gao Nannan alleged crimes, together with her husband and family run companies transfer of benefits, involving more than 1 million yuan.

August 2nd, the first financial reporter through multi source for the matter to further track. Informed sources on the first financial disclosure, the day of July 29th, Gao Nannan had issued a dynamic circle of friends, said, I took off". It is understood that Gao Nannan himself has been taken to the police measures, but she is now in the stage of bail, has a part of personal freedom.


reporter was informed from the third party, at the end of March Gao Nannan crime was exposed, once the management request understanding to the B station, and send a letter for the understanding of the message. The message said Gao Nannan "has been deeply repent", "beg a memorandum of understanding, and requests" give a chance to start with a clean slate".

B said, in the beginning, I really thought as long as willing to start with a clean slate, companies do not want to catch up in the end. But the company’s tolerant attitude but in exchange for Gao Nannan’s company even threatened to become aggravated, and request case, spread rumors, damage to corporate reputation B station. The company had to take up legal arms to get a fair deal.

according to public information, from 2011 to 2012, Gao Nannan served in the gaming platform 51wan. Sources said it was responsible for the operation of the 51wan had been involved in the establishment of the relevant interests of private companies to transfer. High through her husband outside the registered company, access to mobile billing qualification, and the flow of 51wan to her husband’s company cash. After the discovery of signs and 51wan investigation. However, this statement has not yet been publicly confirmed 51wan.

During the period of

in the B station, according to the B station to partner in the notice that Gao Nannan shortly after the entry of BiliBili, will recruit her husband’s cousin Li Weidong served as business positions, and to conceal their kinship to the company. At the same time, she enrolled in Shanghai the network science and technology limited company by her husband Sun Jianxun, Sun Jianxun served as legal person, Li Weidong as a shareholder. Gao Nannan let Li Weidong to undertake the business in the name of BiliBili, and then sign the contract to the company, the company should belong to the BiliBili hundreds of thousands of dollars of income cut to their own. In addition, Gao Nannan also use their own control of the company, the interception of BiliBili revenue, involving an amount of more than 1 million yuan.

Although the

B station has not been profitable, has not announced a game business income, but the BiliBili chairman Chen Rui had said before the game business has actually become an important source of income for B station.

previously, B stands in the open letter to partners

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