The author was sentenced to three years in prison for a fine of 1 million 200 thousand

March 20th afternoon, the recent hot lead coral version of QQ infringement case in the afternoon in Shenzhen Nanshan District court verdict, the court found the defendant Chen Shoufu guilty of the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

according to the Shenzhen Nanshan District court verdict, the court found all the evidence provided by procuratorate, determine the defendant Chen Shoufufan crime of copyright infringement and sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined 1 million 200 thousand yuan, while the court of Chen Shoufu illegal income totaled 1172822 yuan to be recovered.

it is worth noting that the court did not identify Chen Shoufu lawyers "Tencent Inc coral in the official website of QQ download", "Tencent Inc invited Chen Shoufu to participate in the official version of the QQ conference and consult the third party interface development views" and other evidence, nor to make any explanation of the defense lawyers analysis.

coral web site ( in the ruling after the update of the home page, cited the relevant evidence still believes that Chen Shoufu is innocent. Chen Shoufu said the lawyer will be valid within the legal period directly to the Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s Court of appeal in Guangdong.

Tencent respect the court’s decision, intellectual property protection for the growth of China’s Internet industry is very critical, the legitimate rights and interests of users and businesses should be protected by law."

the morning of August 16, 2007, Chen Shoufu was summoned by the police on suspicion of infringement, criminal detention in the evening. November 20th, Chen Shoufu was handed over to the procuratorate, the case was on December 19, 2007, 24, respectively, in Shenzhen Nanshan court in the first instance of the trial stage of the trial of the court in March 6, 2008, three. (Wu Wenxiong)

Event Background:

2001, Chen Shoufu, a teacher at the Beijing Institute of Technology computing center, launched the QQ version of coral reef;

November 2002, Chen Shoufu has issued a statement saying it will stop updating and dissemination of coral version of QQ, but in 2003 after the start of the updated version of coral reef QQ;

August 20, 2006, Tencent Inc filed a lawsuit against Chen Shoufu, author of QQ,

in December 20, 2006, Beijing City People’s court ruled that Tencent Inc sued the QQ version of the copyright infringement of copyright infringement, software author Chen Shoufu was sentenced to 100 thousand yuan of economic losses to the Tencent, Haidian District,

September 8, 2007, Shenzhen TV show "fire Coral", the author Chen Shoufu has been in custody for the local public security bureau.

December 19, 2007, the coral version of QQ case of detained in Shenzhen Nanshan District court hearing. According to the details of the details of the details of the coral studio website disclosure, Chen Shoufu pleaded guilty, not the first instance verdict.

December 24, 2007, >

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