WeChat marketing assistant channel optimization promotion methods a summary of the sequel

the count of this article has been serialized in the six article on the WeChat marketing aspects of personal experience, and the channels to carry out personal summary, there are a lot of people will come to see, numb to reply water chain, a simple support, I can not see a lot of people reply interested in learning to learn, but I really don’t know how many people will really care, maybe your work and this not relevant, simply look at the can at least let yourself fall behind, may also have a lot of friends stand heart, this is not to deny, but I want to say is that even if the heart the 100 is not even a single action, the author IT the greatest joy is to find a new thing to learn to understand and phase of the process, enjoy the process, enjoy work, enjoy life To maintain a happy young heart, the best.

theme: WeChat marketing course summary and auxiliary channel optimization techniques of

elementary school No.

no matter how to carry out the WeChat marketing people, how many courses need to share, I see this theme that here is really write articles, later if there is policy changes will continue to consider and share this article as previous course summary, this simple comprehensive series of experience sharing and do this experience.

said the bad news!!!, QQ space bulk import friends introduced in Lesson 1 way now is not operational, Tencent may temporarily shut down the QQ space friends management, which means relying on the QQ group for WeChat small user base accumulation of friends to change strategy. A more complicated way before can take is to adopt a point to add, this time, the author also study, because have a direct impact on the working efficiency, the late new strategies will be timely and share.

begins with the topic today:

A / Trumpet / auxiliary channel WeChat optimization techniques

1: the trumpet in the fifth lesson in the optimization skills section is mainly about the analysis of public account optimization techniques, there are several of the same emphasis on emphasis and trumpet and auxiliary channels, such as editing, original ideas, use high quality of friends. In the opinion of the author s than public account can bring more direct value, in short, to achieve the most basic earnings, this author has deep experience, because the original purpose is for the public to trumpet the most primitive accumulation account most of the quality on the crowd, is also the target customers, but this friend in combat may realize that the implementation of public external promotion way and there will be two important functions, one can achieve direct brand promotion, soft marketing including enterprise introduction, enterprise services, such as business concept, realization of customer impression degree and enhance customer consumption impulse; on the other hand is released or share content directly or indirectly covering the hidden information from the brand, hard advertising here can be very good to do small soft wide public account of the role. Of course, here’s two

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