8 tips for working with new product operators in small companies

and many web site operators in novice friends friends in chat in the process, they asked the question types are mainly in two aspects: website operation ideas and skills, there is a novice how to carry out the work. Second relative to the first point may be more urgent, they said many are themselves through learning video tutorials, or read some books website operation, did not even have a complete project experience to interview operation, in this case, when the novice friend just to a website a new company (especially small companies, large companies may also have a person with no clue), and also know that although the website operation about what to do, but it is still far from the real operation, because we do a good job in addition to the content of website operation itself, there are a lot of things is needed novice website operation notice;


before I have done a few years experience of website operation manager, in order to help novices quickly in the new company started operation and carry out the work, detours, here share a novice in the website operation work carried out in the note 8 things I summed up, hoping to inspire the new friends, and substantial help; then we started;

first, the work must have a clear idea of the operation of the site

don’t tell me that you are already a company’s Web site, but also ask me what I want to do on the web site. If you don’t know, go to the wall.

so he Yang here to remind you, if you want to do the operation work, in any case, you are at work before you use your spare time to learn, or pay training, or follow the experienced people can learn, must understand the whole idea of the website operation and some basic knowledge, say white, is the site operation what to do things to understand;

understanding of the overall operation of the site has 3 benefits:

1, to facilitate you to develop a complete website operation plan: if you do not know what the site is doing, how do you make the program?

2, convenient for you to arrange the operation: everyone wants to do something, how much, how to do…… These things need to be arranged by the manager of your operation!

3, you can stand in a global perspective to my overall progress, tracking effect, make decisions, and leadership feedback, and these require you to have a clear idea;

if you do not know the overall operation of the site and the basic knowledge of the idea of a friend, you can focus on my WeChat or in my blog quickly find relevant articles to understand.

remember: in its place, their government, his office, duty. You can learn by doing, but the first is to establish a clear idea based on you, otherwise you will end.

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