Micro business case an egg in the counter attack that day into 50 thousand acid cool feeling

black millet, directly, to express yourself clearly,

this is an ad, an ad selling wild eggs ~~

this is a micro business case, a pure micro business case sharing ~~

if you don’t like it, please close the article directly, so as not to waste your time!

yes, if you are micro business, is planning or interested in doing a WeChat product,

then you do not listen to me pull a few words, you will really regret ~ ~



why, I tired to write the "egg", "egg" to help the

advertising?Where is the value of

‘s "egg"? What is the point that we have to think and learn from?

I wrote this article tonight, not to sell this egg, but to share with you this product, we can learn the main points.

before analyzing the case, let’s take a look at the product:


we can see that this product is not interesting, we eat ordinary egg, but a bird – Phoenix bird.

let’s call him: bird egg! ~^_^~

we all know, and now micro business to choose products, will generally choose FMCG (high consumer goods), such products have a core feature: repeat purchase rate is high!

has also been very fire cosmetics is this type, girls with a period of time, but also to buy, this long-term profit space is very large. This is why we are not in the circle of friends to buy machetes, iron reasons, because of that, once bought, you don’t want second times, even if you want to, will a few years ~~~


so micro business before starting to do, positioning a product is very important, very important, very important.

let us see this "egg" products, it has several advantages (disadvantages behind me against it):

first: fmcg.

now the family, I think, the demand for eggs is essential to the regular dishes. Family of three, a month of 30 eggs not too much, after eating, is not to prepare?

second: the uniqueness of regional differences.

this "bird egg", generally do not have, do not want to buy can not buy the right person, can only go to a few specific areas in order to taste the taste. For micro business, the uniqueness of this point is also essential, as long as you have a unique product, can not be copied, you have pricing power, you want to determine how much, in theory.

third: green and safe.

this, in >

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