Marketing Master jiaduobao over the past few years is how to brush presence

introduction: in recent years continuously and "Pharaoh" stalemate in the decoration case and the trademark case, jiaduobao in marketing never stop. Although has been lost, but the momentum of the marketing firm can not lose. In this paper, it is a representative marketing event.



and Wang Laoji eventually lost the lawsuit, but has been successful and their "jiaduobao herbal tea" two words bundled together.

in December last year, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court sentenced the red pot of herbal tea decoration ownership decision jiaduobao Wong Lo Kat, immediately stop production and sales of red tank Wong Lo Kat herbal tea packaging similar or identical packaging products, destruction of the relevant product inventory, to stop the use of carrying related product packaging and advertising, gphl compensation 150 million yuan. But in recent years continued and "Pharaoh" stalemate in the decoration case and the trademark case, jiaduobao in marketing has not been stopped, it is the following several representative marketing events.

micro-blog play the tragic brand marketing


in 2012, losing the trademark and gphl jiaduobao in battle, gphl back hung (Group) Co. Ltd. the red canned and bottled red Wong Lo Kat herbal tea production and operation right, the official Sina micro-blog for February 4, 2013 jiaduobao issued four "sorry", four cry foreign baby photos. Were written four words such as: sorry, we are too stupid, took 17 years to Chinese can emulate the only herbal tea made of Coca-Cola brand ", this text, vague expression facing the state-owned enterprises to become the weakness of the party, to win sympathy for," sorry, we are incompetent, sell herbal tea can not litigation "is a subtle protest on the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court ruling JDB disable its advertisements.

"new year cans JDB

January 2013 Spring Festival approaching, jiaduobao placed a shape and vending machine is quite similar in Beijing Chaoyang joy, and with the spring festival atmosphere around the decorated red decoration, the difference is this machine all placed the red cans JDB, similar to McDonald’s in the promotion of the new i’m lovin’it (I have the slogan love), as long as you send out cone activities, this is a study called "dare you call me dare to send" interactive marketing, when consumers call "new year cans JDB reached a certain level value, will start the intelligent recognition system of built-in vending machines and accurate identification, then it falls out of a tank JDB, at the same time in the Taiwan vending machine side, jiaduobao also did not forget to put their own giant two-dimensional code, so that the people at any time to sweep.

jiaduobao headlines


in December 2013, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of Guangzhou.

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