Direct network access to 20 million yuan of angel financing F2C differential model to build a smal

recently, 36 krypton learned, factory direct selling platform network has just completed the angel round of financing, the amount of 20 million yuan investment, including two companies, relevant personal and strategic details, at present did not disclose the specific. According to the direct network founder Tan Hua introduction, this round of financing, will be mainly used for more factory access and distribution teams build two.


network straight to their own position is to do factory direct selling shopping platform, on the one hand to help the factory to solve the inventory pressure, to plant drainage, on the other hand to the C end customers to provide cost-effective products factory direct supply, thus creating a "small Taobao F2C model". The direct network shopping channel for WeChat public number, shopping and also incorporates including flash purchase, fight groups, seckill etc..

is such a project because of direct network founder Tan Hua first entrepreneurial experience, marketing planning from him, often to do some marketing plan for some factory customers, he saw a large factory overstocked phenomenon at the time, but on the other hand, the traditional way of selling products through priceincreases, consumers get the highest price of the product is not. So the intention to help factory to solve the inventory and increase sales, so that consumers get a competitive price "direct network" was born.

since it is to create a small Taobao, it is necessary to solve the two problem, on the one hand, the number of factories settled on the platform enough, category rich enough to attract customers. On the other hand, there should be enough effective customers on the platform, so settled in the factory to be able to see the real sales. These two aspects, direct network is solved by

1) factory, because the direct network is headquartered in Kunshan, Kunshan region has tens of thousands of factories, so direct network strategy is first through the relationship before, Kunshan area should be incorporated into the platform factory. At present, there are 1000 factories in the direct network platform, the average factory to about 3 models on-line products.

2) customer acquisition, direct network is used in micro marketing mode. According to Tan Hua, their current team is the first batch of sales staff, for example, 1 employees have 3500 friends, the equivalent of 3500 potential customers, in so doing, their team is currently can reach 40 thousand consumers. By WeChat circle of friends hair buy, spike activity, there are about 1000 yuan a day trading.

Of course, the

direct network has begun recruiting for the nationwide City partners, simply speaking, is responsible for city partners to build, the local distribution teams in general, once worked as a derivative of total generation or agents compared with the direct network city partner, according to Tan Hua, a partner in Hunan area the basic has been implemented.

network is the main way of profit trading commission, about 10 points or so, but in the early factories scarce order >

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