Reflect the real value of the site to make more money

adsense the price is more and more low, industry, traffic is difficult to go up, is two thousand IP less than a day, however, the website is good in the industry, because this industry search name, row on the first page, is about three or four.

used to think that the way out of the site is the alliance, do Google, and now the price of Google and the previous poor far, and put the Baidu, the effect is not too good, can not earn any money.

site is not the case, the value of this ad should be more than the number of ah, it should be very valuable, why, only this income?

seems that the development of this area is not the way, so consider their own advertising.

also has some company called, that is advertising, but later.

settle a matter by leaving it unsettled

valuable things, why not develop him well?

so, I put their own ads, to their own business, since today, the effect is good.

months of income than Google also doubled, oh, and I think the future is limitless,


at the same time to carry out a number of other business thinking, are able to make money, I believe that this value for their own website, there is a greater improvement.


advertising alliance, although you can earn some money, but after all is oneself can not grasp, but we can see that, for the content of the website, and also before far. But do some of their own things, maybe you will earn more.

to make their own website, reflect the true value, in the development of their business, I think their website value of 30 thousand, but to carry out their own business, the business volume is also good, I think their website value of 300 thousand.

Oh, if there is investment in hundreds of thousands of dollars to do better, you can return the two or three years, is also a good investment.

but, in the absence of investment, I do my own stand, I believe it is promising

only the development of their own, in order to truly reflect the value of the site

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