The car easily beat second hand car completed a new round of financing investment to become the larg

today, the second-hand car electricity supplier trading platform car easy to shoot announced that it has completed a new round of financing, the investor is Beiqi group’s wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Industry investment. After the completion of the current round of investment, Beiqi production investment will become the largest shareholder of the car is easy to shoot. After the completion of the current round of investment, the car is easy to shoot will continue cultivating the field of B2B, and to expand to B2C, financial services, customer service.

car easy to shoot since 2010 on-line operation, the original flagship B2B car source auction, after the start of last year to do C2B used car to help sell business. The business includes condition testing, online trading, customer service, logistics, financial credit warranty warranty and other products, including 268V detection, easy replacement, business ICT (Finance), warranty service.

the car easy to shoot the auction platform will be upstream of the second-hand car sellers and merchants lower purchasing second-hand car through the Internet platform for docking, to achieve the report shall prevail, without the car, as well as full electronic trading.

by the end of 2015, the car is easy to shoot service brand models for 177, to achieve the transaction 650 thousand, turnover of 360 thousand, turnover of nearly $18 billion. Platform registered car dealers more than 86 thousand people, more than 40000 active car buyers.

round of investment property investment Beiqi car easy to shoot, that is the value of their existing 268V testing standards, auction trading platform, and the accumulation of second-hand car business resources, future BAIC will use its own in automobile manufacturing, trade services, finance and other fields for the advantages of blessing.

Automotive Group was founded in 1958, is one of the main Chinese automobile group, has developed into a large state-owned automobile enterprise group covering vehicle R & D and manufacturing, general aviation industry, auto parts manufacturing, automobile service trade, investment and financing business. In 2015, Beijing Automotive Group 2 million 489 thousand car sales, operating income of 345 billion 220 million yuan, in 2016 the "fortune" magazine Global 500 160th.


Automobile Group Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing cast) was founded in the end of 2012, the registered capital of 430 million yuan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Group, Beijing Automotive Group is the core platform of capital operation, equity investment and construction of industrial capital of the whole value chain.

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