How to improve the weight of the blog

has written many articles on the blog promotion articles, or to say the blog promotion, promotion method is not much, is a method used in the extreme, the blog promotion is done, can also bring more traffic to the site and to transfer the weight more. Today to talk about ways to improve the weight of the blog itself, only the weight of the blog itself, in order to bring more traffic from the search engine and guide the site, more able to pass more weight to the site.

a Bowen source

we can’t each article are original, direct copy article of little value, we think QQ space is not a lot of people, 09 years of QQ registered users reached 990 million, almost everyone opened QQ space, this how many original articles should be as can be imagined. Baidu and Google the search engines of the QQ space weight too low, basically not included in QQ space. So in the QQ space acquisition article is a very good choice. There are still some of the sites on the Baidu shield does not say, I believe we all know.

two, reprinted his article

, for example, has registered more than one blog in Sina, a focused blog that is carefully maintained. The other is to do the blog, direct copy other articles to enrich the blog content, at the same time, the focus of the blog articles. This blog weight will not be very high, but the emphasis on the weight of the blog is still more effective.

three, blog move

Sina NetEase these blogs are now opened a blog move, you can move the entire Sina blog to NetEase blog, the entire NetEase blog moved to sina. Of course, the blog began to move the blog to do a good job in the chain, that is, Bowen Bowen do other internal links, the focus of the article must do. This was moved in the past, the original inside the chain into the chain, and then in the home page to do a link to the original blog. Perhaps this move blog included is not very good, the weight is not high, but relatively easy to do, it is time-saving, as long as there is a part of the weight up, a part of the collection is better, more of the blog weights are moved to enhance the role of.

four, bind account

Now a lot of

website provides the binding account service, I burn nets post synchronization, fresh fruit and Sina account bound,, happy net etc.. Binding account and synchronous blog operation is very simple, not to repeat the operation, a one-time fix, so these will do, there is no harm.

five, create blog circle

I like to build a NetEase blog promotion Pijuxiangbao, blog domain name is, and then built a corresponding circle,, the two is the latter domain name >

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