Vincross GGV lead investment 6 million A round of financing will launch all terrain robot HEXA

news October 20th, robot startups Vincross revealed to I horse has completed A $6 million round of financing from GGV GGV capital lead investor, angel round of investment fund business and to continue with the vote in the current round of holdings. Round of financing will be mainly used to expand the team and product development and other aspects.


is talking about the investment logic, leading capitalists GGV GGV capital managing partner Li Hongwei (Jenny Lee) said: "the consumer and industrial robot is GGV in cutting-edge technology (the drones and electric travel plate) and the key areas of investment. The Vincross team is young but experienced in the field of robotics, robot necessary for a dynamical system (servo) and real-time operating system, sensor system, environment optimization algorithm and software product development has its own unique understanding and solutions, we appreciate the team in these technical aspects of precipitation and ability."

is reported that Vincross is about to launch a full terrain six legged robot HEXA, which is a step on the robot. Multiped structure gives HEXA mobility, so it can walk in the complex terrain, but also the completion of climbing and burrowing action. This feature allows HEXA to undertake scientific exploration and other tasks, but also can be used in areas such as fire relief.

is different from the hardware or only the operating system of the robotic company, Vincross believes that robots should not only have to interact with the physical world of the body, but also have a learning mind. As a result, the company has created an open ecosystem for HEXA. Vincross stressed that HEXA is a living being, a living creature, it is still in the early stages of artificial life, so welcome interested developers together to create new skills for it to make it more likely.

Vincross said it would open SDK for developers, the latter can be developed for skill HEXA (equivalent to the application of smart phones), and put it on the official Skill Store. Vincross founder and CEO Sun Tianqi said, we do not think of HEXA as a machine, we see it as a new biological. We are looking for 2048 visionary developers to be HEXA’s human mentors. These people will be the first to get HEXA in the world, to create the most original skills for this life."

‘s current robot market is being wheeled, tracked and non mobile products, while the six foot structure of the HEXA so that it can not be limited by the environment, flexible movement in a variety of terrain. Because of this feature, HEXA can do other tasks on the market can not be completed by other robots, such as scientific exploration and fire relief, etc..

on the other hand, in the field of multi legged robot, although Boston power (>

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