From the point of view of nternet marketing website content

has been advocating the website two aspects, one is for the search engine, one is for the audience. Since more than 85% antecedents are produced by a search engine, so we do not have any reason to refuse it, after all, traffic is king. But 95% of the visitors after seeing a website that is left, not to contact the main site that is, not content to attract visitors, because the content for this. So how to edit the content of the website is the best? The original, not original also want to be a " pseudo " original.


so search engine:

determine the keywords of the page, and then frequently appear in the article. Key words frequency does not have an exact statement, said 7%–9%, also said that 10%-12%, personally think, and we usually copy similar, and then do a little exaggeration on this basis.

each page keywords not more than 4, it is said that the 4 is the upper limit of Baidu, so that the content around the key words. Keywords to appear in Title, mate keywords, mate description. The proposed Title and keyWords are not more than 4 keywords, description in order to prevail in the 100 characters, as a summary of the current content, this summary can contain keywords. Keywords outburst. Keywords added to the bold, italic, or in between H1. Some people say that H1 is ugly, of course, you can use CSS to control the style of the H1. Web pages to appear in the top part of the text, you can choose a key link to the current page. Web content pages link anchor text through the form of mutual connection, the chain is also very important.

from the audience point of view:

marketing thinking: from the perspective of the audience to consider the preparation of the text, the user is more likely to win the trust of information. There are some promotional or marketing thinking, so that users become your customers. Not too long: access to web content without reading, only scanning, basic yimushihang, don’t let the content is too long and affect the viewer patience. There is a sense of hierarchy: the content must be a key to highlight, such as bold, black font, key tag. Visual guidance: in the picture, color, animation and so on have to guide the customer’s thinking, avoid visual interference.

article from China Adsense nets:

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