How to treat Wanda O2O is a gimmick or real material

is the future of the Internet era, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for traditional enterprises. In the vicinity of the electricity supplier to see the platform has a very good development, Wanda itself is also playing online ideas. Wanda O2O seems to be a product of this era must be launched, but with Wang Jianlin’s own words, even if the price to pay, Wanda also want to engage in O2O. But an online model is said to be able to do it in my opinion, Wanda O2O now need to do two things, the first is to increase the consumer’s sense of experience and stickiness, in addition to the direction of the Internet to the financial. Two legs to make their transition path smoother, less pains. But for the online O2O project, even if Ma’s words are full of ridicule, but a reality is still placed in front of Wanda, in the face of a new field of experience is still insufficient, Wanda how to prepare for it?

implementation of O2O online strategy to clear the development barriers.

online business platform is indeed a need for mining projects, the future development potential is very great, but careful observation of industry momentum, we can clearly see the current living space has been compressed There is not much left. Even such Wanda traditional tyrannical, want online abruptly way the difficulty is very large. So rather than blindly settled business market, rather than change their own business ideas, advance their operation principles, using its own online store’s advantage, will the next line and the line combine together, and create their own consumption culture. As mentioned earlier, Wanda now need to do is not to blindly increase the influence, experience starting from the user experience but increase the viscosity of consumers, because at this stage, Wanda never lost, too early into the resources to fight the pace, instead should seek a service and demand of communication platform, the function of fusion to a natural platform, which can provide online consumer decision for consumers to connect the line focus on businesses and businesses (the integral operation), people in connection with the service to promote all transactions completed in a closed ecosystem, this is the fundamental point of long-term development of wanda.

make good use of the resources and strength of partners.

Cooperation between

giants is not necessarily positive energy. A lot of examples to prove to us that even if the giants, once the relationship between poor resources and channels, the cooperation between the two sides will collapse. So for the three party Tencent, Baidu and Wanda Wanda cooperation, in addition to enhance their clout, but also understand the point that is how to set up a platform must be mutually beneficial. The partners must actively use the advantage of faster, the only way to achieve the expected goal. After all, the establishment of Wanda Wanda O2O, in addition to their own, but also from Baidu and the Tencent funds, although the paper team is very luxurious, there are online traffic and promotion of Baidu, mobile port Tencent dividend, but how to coordinate the relationship between a series of Wanda O2O will be a very important proposition. I think these advantages should be taken advantage of. When >

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