Happy network will enable shejiao com

according to admin5.com Adsense network enthusiastic users broke the news: happy network is about to start Shejiao.com, and when the user access to shejiao.com, the domain name is also automatically jump to happy network.


Shejiao.com Whois query results (http://s.www.whois.net/whois_new.cgi? D=shejiao& tld=com) can only query the domain name holder name and contact way, without any information related with the happy network.

for a Alexa in popularity and ranking in the soaring SNS website, happy net domain name has been hidden in the eyes of the discerning eye to see. Now, "Kaixin.com" has become a thousand oaks in the bag, that is the happy net Huitianzhili from its competitors in the recapture of the domain name. So, why not to put aside all scruples, a fundamental solution, the replacement of a more suitable for their own domain name?! from the current situation, to build the brand advantage is likely to avoid Thousand Oaks version of happy net and prevent future could erupt at any time in the optimal solution of the brand crisis.

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