Dangdang cross border electricity supplier into a number of cross border electricity supplier market

The cross-border electricity supplier

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing mentioned at the end of April has finally made substantial progress. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned yesterday, Dangdang has recently established a cross-border electricity supplier business unit, the business unit by Tian Peigang as general manager.

Dangdang side said that the cross-border electricity supplier is mainly aimed at the entrance of the baby market and the cosmetics market, the two aspects of China’s main import market. Dangdang mother and child category market share of the industry ranked three in the industry, but also hope to occupy the share of imported baby market."

According to

reports, Dangdang will take "cross-border platform mode + self model, import tax, commodity tax will vat by" (or tariff + + consumption tax), "a variety of tariff into single parcel tax, so it can reduce the price of goods.

in April this year, Li Guoqing has revealed Dangdang will test the waters of cross-border electricity providers, to take the bonded mode. He said, at present the bonded warehouse mode of cross-border electricity supplier tariff is much lower than the import tariff, is a big opportunity".

in the Amazon, Dangdang, Alibaba, Jingdong, NetEase, SF, Suning, shop No. 1, jumei.com has been involved in cross-border electricity supplier, Dangdang incoming seems to exacerbate the competition. At the same time, the number of entrepreneurial teams into the market is also increasing. Giants and entrepreneurs are due to the influx of cross-border electricity supplier market potential. According to iResearch data last year, cross-border electricity supplier trading scale growth rate of about 30%, accounting for the proportion of import and export trade volume of 14.8%. (reporter Qian Yu)

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