230 million wine wine investment convenience Lenovo layout to the next city

Lenovo again Lazi wine game.

At the beginning of the new year

, Lenovo Holdings (3396.HK) investment head, senior vice president Chen Shaopeng and Henan wine to facilitate commercial chain management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the wine convenience) chairman Li Xue’s hand tightly together. The two sides announced in Beijing, the wine is easy to hold a strategic investment of hundreds of millions of Legend Holdings, and Legend Holdings is achieved in the field of agriculture and food, the continuous layout of the traditional consumer to new consumer transformation.

The project investment decision early report reporter from the

twenty-first Century economic report get exclusive was informed that the association by the transferee holding wine and convenient old stock issuance of new shares, the total amount of investment of 225 million 760 thousand yuan, investment accounted for 30% of the equity of convenience wine. But Shen Libo, deputy chairman of the wine in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interview revealed that the actual investment amount more than the above figures".

shares wine convenience, not the ultimate purpose of legend holdings. Investment report shows that Legend Holdings in the future there is a chance to buy wine convenience.

Shen Libo does not believe that the liquor O2O companies have access to financing. On the contrary, she is more willing to say that wine is a convenient traditional dealer, even though it has an Internet platform + call center + physical store +20 minutes of distribution under the online and offline business model.

in fact, this is not the first time Lenovo drinking". From 2011 Lenovo acquisition of Hebei wine for the first time to enter the liquor industry in 2013, to cross into the Wine industry, Lenovo holdings also have pain points: into the agricultural and food sector of the liquor sector is small, has not profitable.

this time, the association of the third "drinking" into the category of liquor terminal chain. In addition to the Henan headquarters to achieve profitability, to facilitate the expansion of the province of wine are losing money.

Legend Holdings never do short-term investments, investment is very long. We give the wine to facilitate the release of a relatively long term." Lenovo holdings of modern agriculture and food investment director Zhu Yonghua said in an interview.


instant delivery challenge

according to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, Lenovo holdings and the convenience of wine contact began in the latter round of investors.

in June last year, Everbright Securities to finance the status of holding 2.43% equity interest in wine. After the introduction, the summer of Chen Shaopeng and a large group of projects together to investigate the convenience of wine, including enterprises, competitive landscape, the comparison of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the team execution, etc.. We found a lot of extra points and highlights, there are three reasons for the determination of investment in wine convenience." Zhu Yonghua said.

is a wine stand in the beverage industry to upgrade the consumer outlet. Investment report shows that the size of the beverage catering and non catering channels of 800 billion yuan of the scale of the industry, through the convenience of wine to drink and drink channels and

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