Su Ninghai also opened the United States Amoy ambitions beyond direct mail

[Reuters] news billion state power in November 18th, after LAOX Tesco official flagship store, the flagship store in Hongkong, has recently launched the United States overseas Suning flagship store, and enable the independent domain name

Suning overseas flagship store in the United States

learned billion state power network, Suning America overseas flagship store is based on Su ningyun founded in the United States and the establishment of the new business department, the sale of products from the United States suppliers direct procurement, operation mode is similar to the flagship store in Hongkong.

in logistics and distribution, all products will be through direct mail to China SF from the United States, the state can be found throughout the logistics delivery cycle, in 7 to 10 days. If the tariff in customs clearance, customs clearance formalities will be completed and the SF is paid after the goods arrive, the user to pay taxes filled sf.

in customer service service, the United States Suning flagship store and other types of cross-border flagship store, due to the particularity of imported goods, does not support 7 days no reason to return, if found quality problems, damage or less a problem, which can be directly used for the return of suning.

According to

at present, billion state power network to understand, the shop is still in the early stage, the main products include maternal and child nutrition and health care, skin care, makeup, the outdoor sports category, fewer types of goods. In the promotion period, Suning American overseas flagship store also shouted the audience five fold, with 200 yuan international direct mail free shipping promotion slogan.

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