Hit brush and Taobao sales 123

from the first brush began to talk, the first person that the brush is a gray industry of Taobao, Taobao is also a birthright of parasites, Taobao has not brush, a lot of people think that the brush is not long the industry, but Taobao from birth to now the brush is not still exist, and more more fierce, before hundreds of OK brush pen, now in various industries in various categories according to sales down the first page is the pen, in fact, people all know, even if 678 of the three months of the off-season sales time is still unabated. Second brush as fake as the existence of Taobao can not fight, but also fight immortality. Because of the nature of the Taobao platform, Taobao has a number of cheap customers, there are a number of sellers (dragons and fishes jumbled together like a small society), the customer is cheap for brands, increasing the Taobao and the advertising costs, merchants selling fake goods is also reasonable (PS now fake quality is also quite good. Ha ha) more important is the Taobao fakes a year in sales accounted for a large proportion of Taobao, Taobao reluctant across the board; empathy may also have to brush. Third, the recent 800 fold, u station, and events are not included in the sales rankings, Taobao hit the home entrance flow is obligatory, decisive, and Taobao want to flow entrance can not be on an equal footing, how can let you when I flow entrance businesses. Beauty says that mogujie.com is a living example. But the brush sales for Taobao is the home to be good friends, both your home and improper flow can bring you the turnover performance can not disturb the price, Taobao Why not?. (brush sales businesses never hit the price war) so brush business is very important for Taobao, the market is also a great


: Actually I don’t have the sales on what to talk about, is a herding. Even if Taobao how to reduce the proportion of sales, the importance of sales are over there; like two shops, a family full of suffering, a cold, you will go to the house where the fun, which to buy things. The traditional industry is a place where there are sales, electricity supplier industry is a place where there are sales, the herd effect is not changed Taobao!

on the brush and sales, why are we willing to lose 9.9 shipping discount 800, u station, because they know that no matter what is Taobao sales for the first, there is talk about other sales, or sales to zero, you train Nb, you drill show in NB are irresponsible bullying! Now Taobao to crack down on the 800 fold, u station, sales is not sales, will have hundreds of thousands of single second brush single, of course, we also give their customers the operation, they are now alive, because they know if Taobao has hit shopping station, and the fight against fakes, also hit years so Taobao transactions brush sales decline of 30 percentage points is unexpected, well, talk about here first, if there is a dispute, please pat.

summary: a brush method is phased, but the brush business is long, there are policies, there are countermeasures, experts in the civil.

two for Taobao service you will live very well

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