Small and medium sized Taobao businessmen how to survive


, to sell things, is the main flow, then the conversion rate, flow rate, small businesses can be divided into too little, especially the "Taobao city" after the incident, small businesses had less and less traffic and shared many large shopping mall.

in Taobao if there is no money to promote, it can only rely on the brain to find ways to do more. There are so many 3 ways, personally think that there is a chance:

, a long tail keywords.

according to the long tail theory, 80% of the traffic comes from the product of 20%, 20% of the traffic comes from the product of 80%. Since 80% of the traffic in the mall, you try to break the head, but not the light of day, is not to find a breakthrough in the 20% flow, 80% products only to 20% of the flow, it will make the most of the small and medium-sized businesses appear decadent heart, many people will choose to gradually give up, there is a part of people will choose "blank not essential" way. In fact, here is your opportunity, through the search for the long tail keywords to get as much as possible in this 20% of the flow of interest.

what kind of word is the long tail keywords? What kind of words can get traffic?

said simply, key words long tail word is popular, but your choice of words must be targeted to a certain extent, such as properties for their goods, or goods for specific groups. Moreover, you choose the word can be found on the Taobao search, the number of related baby, the greater your chances.

to my friend’s 3 diamond shop "little pig nest" as an example, his main women’s shoes, in the summer of last year, he chose a long tail keywords "girl shoes", this word was related to the baby is only more than and 300, that is to say, only less than 10 pages of the goods, he will be a large number of new sandals in the shops have joined this keyword, so about 1 months ago, 3 pages of many of his goods have the opportunity to appear in the "girl shoes", the awfully busy every day. A month down, the best style sold more than and 300 pairs, row of the style also has nearly 100 pairs of. Now go back to the Taobao search "girl shoes" has more than 3W, but it is not no chance, like "a girl student shoes" is also derived from the new keywords of the long tail word.

so where is the key word to look for the following 3 ways:

1, go to the Taobao rankings. The list, you can search for a word in the Taobao search bar, a little below have a "top XX list" point in, according to the classification search, you can know the general situation of Taobao search, general search for the rise of the list, looking over from the last page (usually only more than and 10 pages), looking for keywords of your goods, and then go to see, to see how much the quantity of goods, the number of 500-3000 in a good. There are too many, it’s hard for you to get a chance to show up.


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