At the end of this year replay baby industry experience in the end what

maternal electricity supplier from 2000 up to now has gone through 16 years, can be roughly divided into two stages: the first stage is 2000-2009, the mother of B2C in baby Leyou website was launched, with a red headed child, for nearly ten years and eventually became the runner up to see the air; the second stage is 2010-2015 years. Maternal electricity supplier blowout, mobile end bulge giants snatch, especially in 2014, is a lot of people known as the first year of vertical maternal electricity supplier outbreak, with access to the capital market, sale on behalf of pattern recognition, maternal brand sale began to rise.

even though we all know that in the red sea will usher in a reshuffle, but who also did not expect to leave the mother shuffle lotus parents and children, in 2016 in the winter capital express opened in this year, real people worry about joy. In 2016, the mother in the end how?

capital return to cool hard strength to break

according to public information, in 2015 the mother and child industry related investment and financing projects a total of 130, an average of nearly 11 per month. It can be seen from this figure, the mother and baby industry is still very hot, entrepreneurial sentiment, investors hot money surge. By 2016, maternal instant cooling, can be placed on the table of the electricity supplier financing only, Beibei, honey bud baby tree three, while more than three, in addition to the business community more baby tree gene, the other two are in the past year, Qianxiu content deep industry downstream, so it can have the core competitiveness can not dry heat cold does not melt in the front and rear end brand retail electricity supplier on the nature of goods.

with honey bud as an example, the past two years, honey bud front end will integrate brand potential release, traditional market rules began to subvert the industry, as the first vertical electricity supplier industry TV advertising business, TVC TV in March on the line, 3 days to achieve a 300 million GMV sales of "God"; break the mother of the crowd blindly the mother baby brand thinking, signed in July 2015 Hunan TV show host well-known Wang Han, to create a "super nanny secret" advertising theme, is the industry’s first baby daddy enabled as a spokesperson for the company, and a "Daddy parenting" trend. In the period 2016 through # you do ## 61 # two social IP and honey bud brand integrated marketing, the brand potential in the extreme. At the same time, taking advantage of Hunan TV powerful brand communication resources, let the honey bud brand quickly went into the China tens of millions of middle-class families, and people to "download honey bud app" popular slogan.

in the back end, from the perspective of the big brand pattern of the entire maternal and infant industry market, consumer brand awareness is growing. Consumers in the purchase of advanced maternal and child products category pays more attention to the choice of brand.

honey bud through the brand endorsement on honey bud should be regarded as the mother industry at the forefront of the electricity supplier, and users concerned about the reasons behind the brand endorsement, the core is to guarantee the quality of goods through brand endorsement. >

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