Why customers don’t buy your products

in today’s market economy, commodity consumer choice on the cover and contain everything a superb collection of beautiful things, big goods. Coupled with the homogenization of goods increasingly serious phenomenon, consumer demand for products can be more critical of the. Now it is difficult to do things in order to dilute your society, how to make their products stand out as a headache for every business every day. Xiao Bian on the issue of headache to express their views on how to make customers buy your home shop products?

we often say to change the angle of thinking, so to make our products sell to customers thinking to consider, we can imagine we are usually in online shopping, we want to buy products mainly consider the following factors.

1, product price

perhaps you have had this experience, see the brand shop in the home price promotion propaganda put up a pageantry!! "these messages, you will not hesitate to place the mouse pointer" promotional price XX "these places and then click go inside, heart always thinking can pick up a bargain. In today’s eyeball economy era, this is the product price war promotion war wants to achieve the purpose. Back to our shop, we must regularly find some gimmicks for a series of price promotions, so that your customers do not hesitate to click into your shop to find their hearts, the big cheap". Now the most popular "spike", "second shot" activities on this promotional tactics to play incisively and vividly. Of course, we can not blindly price promotions, but also to consider the cost, but also to consider the market value of our products.

2, product quality

when the cottage this word hot debut, we are on the market all the products will be skeptical. Copycat mobile phones, Shanzhai computers, cottage clothing, and even Shanzhai, with a popular saying: "human beings have been unable to prevent the cottage". If we really want our shop can be sustained, stable and long-term development, the quality of this must be good. Our sales network is clear, online shopping can not touch or through trial on product quality evaluation, customer impact on product quality to understand one of the most important factors is the product picture display and related description. So the product display effect must pay attention to it, all those big brand shop with photography and picture processing professional team, we can according to their actual situation to find some professional photography friends or something like "00 Fox network" of the professional photography company, the product display effect good. After that, we need to shop products related to the description of the time, so that customers can easily describe our products through a comprehensive understanding of the product.

3, product evaluation

online shopping customers to understand the quality of the shop there is another important factor is the product evaluation. This important factor also reflects the credibility of your shop. I believe you will not comment was in store "

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