nterpretation of the advantages of industrial goods supermarket electricity supplier

industrial supermarket will integrate all MRO products, a one-stop shopping supermarket, a supermarket sale to ensure that all product quality, and the product brand, performance parameters, familiar with professional engineers on product selection guide and instructions for use, can greatly reduce the comprehensive cost of purchasing MRO products factory. What are the advantages of e-commerce procurement model of industrial supermarket



industrial supermarket e-commerce is conducive to expanding the scope of suppliers, improve the efficiency of MRO industrial procurement, reduce MRO procurement costs, resulting in economies of scale. Because industrial supermarket e-commerce is facing the global market, can break through the traditional purchasing mode from the limitations of goods more than three goods than many, find a satisfactory supplier based on the quality and price, greatly reduce the cost of procurement. Because you do not need to travel, you can greatly reduce procurement costs, through the sharing of information on the site, you can save paper, paperless office, greatly improve procurement efficiency.

is conducive to improve the transparency of the procurement of industrial products MRO, MRO procurement process to achieve open, fair and just, to prevent corruption in the procurement process. Because industrial supermarket e-commerce is not met by transactions, purchasing information in a public web site, the public procurement process, avoid personal contact transaction related personnel, according to the standards set by the computer automatically select suppliers, to achieve real-time monitoring, to avoid the procurement of the black hole, make the procurement more transparent, more standardized.


is conducive to the realization of MRO industrial procurement business process standardization. Industrial supermarket purchase of e-commerce is based on the business process optimization on, must be carried out according to the standard process of software requirements, can standardize purchasing behavior, standardize the procurement market, is conducive to the establishment of a good economic environment and social environment, greatly reducing the procurement process at.

to meet the needs of industrial enterprises instant production and flexible manufacturing, shorten the procurement cycle, so that the production enterprises from the "inventory for procurement" into "for the purchase of orders". In order to meet the ever-changing market demand, the enterprise must have rapid response ability to market changes, through the industrial supermarket e-commerce website can quickly collect user order information, and then the production planning and scheduling, then purchase or timely replenishment according to production requirements, instant response to customer needs, reduce inventory, improve the speed of logistics and inventory turnover the rate of.


implementation of MRO purchasing management to supply chain management. Because of the competition of modern enterprises is no longer the competition between individual enterprises, but between supply chain and supply chain competition, so the supply and demand sides to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, information sharing, and industrial goods supermarket e-commerce purchasing mode can make both parties involved in the procurement of supply and demand "

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