But in the rural electricity supplier trillion blue ocean in vain

At this year’s

NPC and CPPCC, rural electricity supplier has become a hot spot, with the spirit of agriculture more and more in-depth, farmers, government and business as an integral part of rural e-commerce, Internet heavyweights have vied for the rural electricity supplier in the field.

data show that as of 2015, there are more than 30 thousand agriculture related websites, including e-commerce website more than 3 thousand, rural area in 2015 online shopping turnover reached 353 billion yuan, an increase of 96%.

China’s rural electricity supplier to do huge space, 800 million of the rural population, the resident population of more than 300 million, the electricity supplier coverage is very low, especially in the village level electricity supplier market, almost blank. Therefore, the rural electricity supplier is also seen as a trillion blue ocean.

in response to the call of the country, but also for the layout of the ecological chain of enterprises, the domestic Internet companies have layout of rural electricity providers. Such as Taobao: "life should be good, hurry up Taobao". Jingdong: "build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong". Baidu: "to market, to find Baidu, paved road hog plant trees, get rich by Baidu". Tencent: mobile phone to play well, rely on the application of treasure, loaded with the application download fast and good treasure"……

although these slogans sound a bit shocking, but the target audience of the major Internet Co farmers, it is not difficult to understand. However, optimistic about the rural electricity supplier and seek new growth points, perhaps not so easy.

thunder, rain small rural electricity supplier

as a national policy environment to support the rural electricity supplier, the ministries and leaders at all levels of the frequent release of sound, but it is not a long-term policy support. According to the analysis of the rural policy, the basic status of China’s agriculture and agricultural policy will remain unchanged for a long time, the food policy, as well as around the agricultural machinery, seeds, technology and other grain subsidy policy, must be the priority among priorities of the long-term policy. Compared with this, the rural electricity supplier policy in agricultural development is relatively good, for the life of the peasants "icing on the cake" policy, made a big impact and not based on agricultural development.

analysis of the financial sector from a professional point of view, the rural electricity supplier from two aspects of input and output, will not cause too much impact on the local fiscal revenue, but also will not cause too much impact on the local fiscal expenditure, the Ministry of finance this year is expected to invest 2 billion yuan to support rural business means a lot.

it is the market in urgent need of some reports now, it seems to be the case. But we consider, in fact, is far from being the case.

China’s rural areas and cities are different, China’s rural areas in a semi closed, self-sufficient living conditions. The rural income low, making the rural workforce turnover rate gradually increased, with the increasing of income gap between urban and rural areas, the economic squeeze effect makes rural labor into the city has increased faster. Therefore, the rural left pure farm workers are extremely limited to the network as a "new world" look.


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