Taobao officially became Suning second largest shareholder

shares of 28 billion 200 million yuan Su ningyun, Taobao officially became the second largest shareholder. Goldman’s target price from $136 to $124. Not only China’s mobile phone manufacturers to sea, India mobile phone manufacturers have to enter the Chinese market.


source: Vision China

Taobao Suning officially became the second largest shareholder to subscribe for $28 billion 200 million

June 2nd evening news, Su ningyun issued a "non-public offering of A shares for the report" to the announcement, Taobao (Chinese) software (hereinafter referred to as Taobao) and Shun – Suning 2, a total of two specific investors shares of approximately 1 billion 927 million shares, the issue price of 15.17 yuan / share, raising total funds of about 29 billion 233 million yuan, the net proceeds of 29 billion 85 million yuan. Among them, Taobao shares about 1 billion 861 million shares, the subscription amount of about $28 billion 233 million.

after the release, the number of shares held by Taobao Suning shares of 19.99% of the total share capital of the company after the issue, before Suning Suning Group Holdings Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of the company’s shares fell to 15.62% in the proportion of. The shareholding ratio of the first largest shareholder of Suning Jindong decreased from 26.44% to 20.96% before the release of the.


according to the company and Taobao signed the entry into force of the share subscription agreement, after the completion of this offering, Taobao did not transfer or sell any shares of the company under the premise, if not less than 15% stake in Suning, is entitled to nominate 2 non independent directors; such as Taobao in Suning holding less than 15% but not less than 10%, is entitled to nominate 1 non independent directors.

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