NPC Financial and Economic Committee deputy director of the electricity supplier law outline has be

three session of the twelve National People’s Congress press center on March 10th (Tuesday) at 14:30 in the media center multi-purpose hall held a press conference, Liu Binjie and other 5 National People’s Congress Committee responsible for the work of the NPC special committee of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese and foreign reporters to answer questions.

[Chinese commercial news reporter]:

I’m a reporter from China daily. My question to Yin Zhongqing, deputy director. In recent years, e-commerce has become an important part of social life, but due to the lag of relevant legislation, many problems in e-commerce have not been effectively resolved. I would like to ask, how the current progress of the current e-commerce Finance Committee is drafting the law? What kind of system design on the network and selling, network marketing and network market supervision



Zhongqing YinPrior to

, Li Shenglin, chairman of the special commission to thank me, thanks to various media and reporters friends for a long time to support the work of the NPC Financial and economic committee.

you just asked the e-commerce law, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee to undertake a legislative task. As you mentioned just now, more than ten years, especially in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce in China, at the same time there are some problems.

December 2003, the finance and Economics Commission established a drafting group of e-commerce law. Over the past year, we have done some research, is mainly composed of 14 thematic research group and the relevant departments of the State Council and the electronic commerce demonstration city and experts and scholars, system research of electronic commerce legislation.

we have drafted the outline of the e-commerce law. Since this work has just started, many problems still need to be further studied, so I can only talk about some of our preliminary ideas.

on the legislative purpose, because the electronic commerce is now in the stage of vigorous development, emerge in an endless stream of new situations and new problems in the legislation, so the main consideration is to encourage innovation and competition, taking into account the need to regulate and manage.

on the principle of legislation, initially identified five principles: one is to protect the interests of the parties; two is to regulate market order; three is the business enterprise self-discipline; four is coordinated supervision line; five is to encourage innovation and development.

The adjustment range of

on the electronic commerce law, we think, because the electronic commerce has the characteristics of cross time, cross regional, it is a new format and a new business model, so in legislation, we are positioning for a comprehensive perspective, is not stipulated in the macro, also cannot some process business enterprise itself, so the main body and the transaction process specification for electronic transactions.

on the legal framework, the preliminary consideration in the transaction subject, it is necessary to classify the network of people, including consumers and commercial enterprises, trading platform, search engine, logistics, third party settlement etc.. In turn >

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