Dangdang clothing business comeback Li Guoqing said trying to take advantage of the target is 60 bil

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Dangdang clothing business trying to take advantage of the


Jingdong, Tmall, Dangdang, a series of three new T Taiwan Fashion Show, but with the two simple expansion of the business, in yesterday’s dangdang.com 2014 new autumn and winter clothing conference, which have been used as electronic books of the old enterprises, trying to set the tone for the transformation of occupation clothing online shopping market. "The goal is 600 billion yuan in the clothing market with 60 billion yuan", "big mouth" said Li Guoqing bluster dangdang.com CEO.

appetite is not small

it is difficult to verify which electricity supplier companies to play the first new clothing conference, but this year’s T show, Dangdang does not think Jingdong, Tmall will be held in advance how much impact. Compared to the latter two in the field of new identity, Dangdang confidence in 2012 to establish a new focus on clothing strategy to ensure competitive advantage.

At this year’s

this autumn and Winter Conference, dangdang.com announced "T Taiwan accelerated" plan, including the expansion of wireless fashion editors and buyers team team, to establish the depth of cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association, designer channel or area. For the high growth of clothing business to inject new impetus, the goal is to win 60 billion yuan in the clothing market of $600 billion."

this September 15th, dangdang.com will launch the first buyers shop, including ZARA, GAP, UNIQLO brand new, 1 fold sales. In addition, will also focus on developing wireless business, its mobile phone client launched a fashion shopping channel, Dangdang accent and topic shopping communities personalized user channel. Dangdang vice president Deng Yifei said that in the next two to three years Dangdang will be divided into line with the clothing market.

transformation needs

clothing Dangdang is not unfamiliar, it began to push the main business in 2012, but in the hearts of users Dangdang still has a Book electricity supplier stereotype.

clothing is indeed the need for Dangdang transformation. Official data show that 2 billion 700 million yuan dangdang.com clothing sales of 500 million yuan from 2012 to 2013, has become the second largest category Dangdang books outside, has maintained a growth rate of 100%-300%, is the company’s fastest-growing category.

, jumei.com, vip.com and even popular in the sale site node, Dangdang to clothing as the entrance, to create high-end positioning in the sale of the tail goods exchange, said 3 months sales of over 100 million yuan; in June this year and modeled on, also launched a new flash purchase sale channel".

Analysys International analyst Wang Xiaoxing believes that in the face of saturated Dangdang book market, the transition is inevitable. Clothing and 3C, home appliances as the most important areas of electricity providers, Dangdang will give priority to invest in these areas. End product exchange is also seen as a foreshadowing of further transformation dangdang.

long road

transformation Dangdang to face huge competition from the peer

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