The news that Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing is expected to complete before the double 11

said Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing is expected to soon "double 11" before the completion of

[TechWeb] September 23rd news reports, a Alibaba who told TechWeb that Tmall headquarters will be moved to Beijing from Hangzhou, is expected to be the fastest in this year’s "double 11" before the completion of the relocation of all. As of press time, Ali did not deny the news.

it is understood that the relocation work has been started in June this year, Tmall plans, sub business and implementation phase. At present, Tmall has been the first implementation of the supermarket, from the beginning of July has gradually moved to Ali is located in the national advertising industry park headquarters office in Beijing.

Tmall is currently in the country’s advertising industry park office is just the transition period, the overall relocation of Tmall will be further compressed after the office space. To this end, Alibaba has purchased a new building in Wangjing as a new office in the future, the fastest will be put into operation in June next year.

previously, Ali has announced a full range of business into the field, in the country to promote its Tmall supermarket, which selected the first stop in Beijing.

in addition, as early as April of this year, Alibaba at the annual meeting of the company in Beijing, said Beijing as a home outside Hangzhou.


, insiders said, Tmall comprehensive Beijing, with Beijing as the center of the northern region will further enhance the advantages of Ali, at the same time will inevitably impact on the other is rooted in Beijing electricity giant Jingdong.

the source said, the next move of the team will be Tmall City, and this year’s’ double 11 ‘before, Tmall will complete the relocation of all personnel." (rain)

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