Analysis of the future development of China’s e commerce model should be the Central Gold Rush

webmaster Hello, I am the master hang, night time to put some of their own ideas about the analysis of e-commerce write out and share together to discuss the development direction of electronic commerce in china. Personal comparison of food to the wrong place to analyze a lot of pointing. (night writing, thinking may be a bit chaotic, still hope!)

e-commerce, it is to sell things on the Internet, think that year Ma proposed network concept, the founder of Alibaba, e-commerce into our Chinese Internet market, then the let the electronic commerce in China quickly spread, so that now everyone online shopping, online shopping has driven many industries, such as logistics, courier. Also to solve the employment problem of many people. To strengthen the people’s awareness of entrepreneurship, there are a large number of people from the "shopping" on the Internet, become "to sell things online with the" net "". There are many online articles in speaking, "XX open shop in Taobao earning XX million, resulting in a large number of people now follow suit, it looks like our webmaster help people see this, what sites ran what website, the final few money.

now with the online shopping population increase, but also makes changes in our country electronic commerce qualitative, as Taobao revealed recently that the problem of fake goods, often online shopping friends all know that Taobao is actually a fake paradise, fake appearance is normal, some friends to buy fake or imitation goods from Taobao to buy things. This phenomenon fully reflects people’s choice of online shopping is a cause – cheap.

of course said so much emphasis has not said, the future direction of our Chinese e-commerce in the end is what? My answer: "B2C", the reason is very simple: Chinese, e-commerce in the development of C2C for now or in the future has not much room for survival. Instead of "B2C", or even "B2C+SNS+BBS" three models in one.

why the future direction of the development of e-commerce is a higher threshold of B2C rather than the lower threshold of C2C?

first said C2C, the current C2C model of the site is represented by Taobao, pat, ah yes, the real boss or Taobao, pat rely on QQ user groups, quite good. "Yes," although relying on this Baidu, China’s largest search engine, but I think "yes" is a dead stop. There is no point of life, not "yes" to do bad, the Chinese market has been washed out by Taobao. Of course, Taobao grew, leading to a lot of people into the Taobao business to make money, but with the increase of the number of shop, making the competition increase, Taobao is such a big place, no more entrance into everyone’s shop, most of the shop are in a state of not making money. Plus fakes rampant. As the saying goes, what big birds have the woods, and then improve the management will be a lot of fraud. This led to a lot of people do not believe that online shopping. Therefore, C2C does not have any advantages, summary: 1, low security, fraud and more

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