SF sto staking into electricity supplier there are many challenges

express enterprise involved in the field of electricity providers, electricity supplier in the business, professional sales ability does not have the advantage, in addition, the current B2C competition has been very intense, courier companies need to invest a lot of advertising and planning, and the money is a big challenge for]

(micro-blog) Shentong express market director Xia Zubin in recent years is very busy, not only to the traditional courier services, but also for a new field of preparation for the move in Shanghai and Hangzhou. This new field of electronic business platform is STO – a company called "love to buy super net" online supermarket, the platform is currently in closed beta.

and just yesterday, SF EXPRESS also announced the electronic commerce website "under the banner of the SF preferred" officially launched, to do a high-end food B2C mall.

two domestic courier companies almost simultaneously to the electricity supplier platform to expand, with its own logistics advantages to expand upstream and downstream intentions have been very obvious. The industry believes that the courier companies to enter the electricity supplier, of course, has its advantages, but with the competition has been very intense e-commerce site competition there are still many challenges.

express ambition

"love to buy super net" the equivalent of an online supermarket, covering categories include fresh fruits and daily necessaries, office equipment etc.. Xia Zubin yesterday on the "First Financial Daily reporters (micro-blog)", July 1st, "love to buy super net" will open beta, will accept a single external consumers.

Xia Zubin told reporters, "love to buy super net" of the initial investment of about 50 million, 70% by STO holdings, a company called "VC shares and part of natural person team fulcrum investment", the first step in the development of Zhejiang market, will gradually expand to more cities.

in order to make the electric platform, "love to buy super net" for the party from the Alibaba (micro-blog) and other commercial enterprises and supermarkets and other retail enterprises hired a lot of professional personnel, and STO as an investor, is not involved in specific operations, but will be responsible for distribution, warehousing and other services, super online.


is currently in Zhejiang also has a perfect distribution network, we plan to warehouse storage for online supermarket in the distribution center near the building, and then use Shentong line advantages of traditional distribution, hopes to complete within 8 hours of delivery service." Xia Zubin told reporters.

in fact, STO’s ambitions and more than that, Xia Zubin also said that in August, after the launch of the online supermarket, the company plans to launch the payment collection business, with the electricity supplier to expand and retail sectors; in addition, the company also plans to the fastest in the second half of this year opened the first line of convenience stores, and expand the collection of money and direct mail business, the use of existing resources is also Shentong express stores.

"we have more than 8 thousand stores in the country, a convenience store, consumers can choose online, pick up at the nearest convenience store, or directly in the.

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