Red use some strategies of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan blog

blog as the most popular Internet platform every webmaster should have its own blog, blog is an important tool to master a lot of marketing in foreign countries, or even monthly income from most of his blog, but very few people can rely on our blog for a long-term and stable income, because most of the domestic Adsense write the purpose of the blog is not to make money but only personal interests and hobbies, of course, the success of the blog Wangzhuan also need to look at the blog traffic, the quality, the industry visibility and so on, and use red net today earn some ideas to make money from blogs to share.

, the first training blog PR value, selling blog link

said the sale of links, most friends should know in our domestic sale and purchase links have been very commercial, or even related to the acquisition of a large number of companies with a certain PR value of the link and then reselling, and many webmaster is also dedicated to get revenue by selling links. So here we can rely on to breed high PR blog to sell the link position, the simplest way is to buy some ideal short-term PR value high PR blog link to their own, of course we can a culture 5-10 are can, through the sale of the 5-10 station can easily link position every month the profit of 1000 yuan.

second, provide professional soft text service

of the second methods for feel good red Wangzhuan friends, not suitable for everyone, if your blog every day have a fixed access crowd flow, at the same time your article has been accepted by most people, so you can provide some soft services, including soft compilation and publication costs to achieve the purpose of Wangzhuan blog.

third, sales commission advertising

if your blog in a certain industry has a fixed flow, but also has its own specific crowd, then make money on the simple. We can find the relevant industry to discuss some advertising advertising, if you can’t find the easiest way is to put some of the ads for Taobao customers and their blog topics related to such turnover rate will increase. For example, the golden Wangzhuan blog is about Wangzhuan theme, you can find some host service, domain name service CPS ads to cooperate.

fourth, the use of blog to do Taobao guest


customers have been very popular, a CPS is the most popular form of advertising in the network, and we directly use blog related keywords optimization of certain products, when acquiring ranking and traffic on the related Taobao advertising this is a good profit model. And the blog is more convenient for the maintenance and management of large CMS system, suitable for personal operation of multiple sites.

fifth, to provide their own products or services


often have their own bubble in the webmaster proficiency in a particular line, such as some people love dogs, dogs for knowledge is.

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