Start from scratch to teach you APP promotion five App Store in the green channel

we have come to know the ASO entry knowledge: product optimization, data analysis and key words and key words. Since it is around APP Store to play, we also need to understand some of the green channel, for the development of small partners iOS APP may be useful.


ASO classroom lecture now than in January, ASO started covering to the front, we learned "| dry cargo began to teach you APP promotion from zero: (a)", "product optimization | from scratch to teach you dry cargo APP (two): data analysis tools", "dry cargo | from zero began to teach you APP (three): quick fix", "keyword set | teach you from scratch dry cargo APP (four): the word" keywords phrases. Since it is around App Store to play with you today, son also some nagging App Store small insider – urgent audit, perhaps on the iOS end APP buddy a little help.

a, App Store application audit rules

1 audit time law

application submitted to the App Store audit cycle is about 7-14 days, the first time to submit the audit (the industry will be in a first submitted application store called " initial " subsequent, called " " update;) time will be relatively long, bad luck may be up to January, the efficiency of it many people worry buddy. Refused to re submit the audit version after time in about 3-10 days, so we need to set aside 15-25 days will be more secure in the version when questioned.

2 audit NG experience summary

encountered such problems in the process of the iOS development team will many shelves: again and again by Apple refused to re apply for each audit, spend a week or even longer, often a version of the success at least spend months or even half a small, seriously affect the product market promotion plan. We must be familiar with the process of the development of App Store audit guidelines, here to share with you some of the common audit NG experience.

(1) collapse procedure or a significant BUG: the product must be questioned after repeated test, if there is APP frequent collapse or flash back, the probability is almost zero, in the apple jungle, the user experience first.

(2) to induce user comments: if the APP appears in " give a good praise " " five-star praise "; " praise reward " and other induced comments, the basic audit NG.

(3) positioning function: to obtain user positioning, the need to increase the tips and inform the user what to do, and allow users to refuse.

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