O2O Entrepreneurs have to burn to return to the beginning of the heart


text / Wang Jiwei

O2O in 2015 after the "big play" to the "big drop", a leader of the circle of people burn the road has begun to make investment institutions is not great. Real money in turn after the user subsidies, subsidies are rarely, finally leaving only a short ID. When the capital of entrepreneurship to surrender, after a large number of O2O projects will die hard again to take the money, this is the capital of winter.

however, when O2O venture tide receded, people just suddenly found still wearing warm underwear is technology innovation, business model innovation all other projects not being shot on the beach is alive. The death of O2O tide, means that even the live project, must take the technical innovation of the road, which is a new trend in the development of O2O in 2016: burn subsidies users earn will continue to die, but the real through technology to improve the user experience of the project is about to rise.

burn destroyed early pioneering heart

burn this road on the two results, either on the fastest firing number one or two, or to be the industry leader Dick. But even if you can not become the eldest brother, the money is burned. In fact, money and buy a matter for the user estimated that even a fool can, anyway, money to hit various channels, because the user can purchase. Capital look at the data, and do not look back to the cycle of marketing costs. At the same time, many investment institutions are indulgent to these simple and crude business model, it can be used to solve the problem is a problem, when the boss cares behind the little brother? Obviously, money expansion has become the consensus of capital and entrepreneurs.

let me sigh is that this is not even a business, but a flicker, fraud and gambling behavior. Better user experience I would hire someone to the door, throwing money; to increase users I each channel to buy traffic into money; product manager better good technology of good operation I companies digging, throwing money. This is no technical content around money, if can get the size of the market leader also gratifying, if not successful, just waiting to die. Finally, the glory of the O2O to enter the death list, and then continue to run the identity of entrepreneurs in the major summit, very interesting.

subsidies behind the capital heart bleeding

took the money to do the money to do research and innovation, but the money in the form of subsidies to the user, which is simply a change to charity. After the user accustomed to subsidies, subsidies will no longer be what it can be imagined, in order to cultivate user habits in this way, the possibility of success is very small. Even trained, and the relationship between the user is also the interests of money, rather than a direct interaction between the relationship. Capital through this, but also a hot head on the cast O2O? Has been the flicker phase, do not take some skills to persuade them to easy money. The >

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