From another perspective WeChat O2O marketing operations

why Tencent may not agree to do the marketing work through private WeChat account? Of course from the official point of view, because businesses have to know their reasons, has put WeChat marketing play to the extreme, but also some businesses, in order to let oneself can quickly accumulate WeChat powder silk, do not hesitate to use some gray means, through a variety of name let the consumer in the circle of friends to find points praise, then through such layers of communication, let oneself of WeChat circle of friends at a point like activity on making a lot of friends, but because of too many people to praise businesses can not fulfill the commitments like before, in the course of time has all kinds of contradictions, let WeChat circle of friends there a by a variety of interests involved in the mercenary atmosphere, it can indeed become the official WeChat by WeChat against excessive marketing excuse. However, from another point of view to look at the relationship between WeChat communication, the fact that the Tencent oppose friends punctuate praise, is to make the circle of friends of marketing control effectively fell   in its own system;   you can engage in marketing and marketing of WeChat, WeChat is very effective, but the premise condition is that you have to become a part of me that you want to make money at the same time I also want to share.

first, WeChat circle of friends marketing effect significantly

why so many businesses so pay attention to WeChat circle of friends marketing it?. Many businesses in the circle of friends all know, do marketing activities effect very quickly, resulting in a lot of businesses in their own circle of friends to play on the WeChat marketing a variety of fancy, even some of their business with the Internet is not much relationship between businesses, can through the circle of friends of marketing to expand their influence and sales performance. It will let these businesses put WeChat marketing play extreme level, whether it is fast and effective marketing point of praise, or subtle old customer marketing, we can see from these marketing businesses of WeChat marketing look at fiercely as a tiger does, is the so-called non profits can not afford early, if something can not reflect the effect is not possible so many people are in the hub for head broken and bleeding.

case: take the campus waves of WeChat point praise activities

I have witnessed a free to sing K WeChat point like activities of the popular. As the KTV businesses, they consider the question is since the box room is usually idle, rather than engage in an activity to increase the popularity degree; as the point like activity organizers considered problem is the need to accumulate WeChat marketing experience, the need to increase the amount of fans of WeChat. Therefore, the thought of this event and the same as before, the effect will be but not obvious, who knows that this is actually a campus of the topic of the WeChat point of praise.

is just the time during school, many students and their friends certainly want to go out to play after being apart a long time, a better relationship, this is just a free singing K point marketing activities, the students will naturally attract consumer attention. As a result, many of the old customers of the KTV initiative for the first round of point like activities in the event of the day;

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