Summary the core selling point of the product refining and presentation

webmasters to target for a niche market, although this is a breakdown of the professional market, but can not avoid competition, therefore, to find the core selling point is the first battle win marketing, according to their own experience to share with you the present and refine the core selling point.

first, why customers choose you: because the market competes, your products are generally not unique, so to figure out why people from here to buy, especially a new website online, is not very good traffic, and no brand awareness. Webmasters may think of the price advantage, such as low price strategy, send coupons and other gifts, in fact, this is not a long-term strategy, because your price is low, others will be lower, the long run will be competitors out. So, the products are similar to those in the case, to find a selling point to attract customers, the selling point is unique to you, others do not, is not the way to you and many other sellers to distinguish, leave the user unique impression. For example, there is a well-known pizza shop, because they can’t compete with McDonald’s, KFC, so this pizzeria will use the slogan: "never appeared within half an hour, hot pizza will take your hand, otherwise free". Therefore, once launched, it is very popular, has become a unique core selling point.

secondly, to know where to find a selling point: looking for a selling point is not a time to live a lot of technology, but by flexible thinking, according to their actual situation to play creative. Unique ideas that allow users to remember you, and the difference between competitors. Common looking for selling points can be considered from several aspects: the industry first, refine product characteristics, cultural heritage, specialization, market share, product manufacturing process, etc.. Find the difference in their products and others, and clever combination of promotion, will produce good results. For example, 29 yuan T-shirt, a lot of the time, we not only concern is his price 29 yuan, and the feeling is a concept, a brand, a kind of quality, not only from other similar products, but also can give customers a customer impression.

finally, learn to present to the audience: a lot of time, give customers the most hard work, the best side is the most successful marketing. There may be no obvious competitive advantage in your product, but you can have a unique idea. For example, Hertz Corporation has been the first car rental market, but the company AVIS refining a classic slogan: we are second, so it is necessary to work harder, this selling point is very honest. There is a beer brand Schlitz, its market share accounted for only fifth, they hired a new marketing consultant, hope he can help build brand and market share of the company, the first thing to do is to the new advisory beer factory to visit, to see the scene that he was surprised, because the brewery was built in Lake Michigan, when the water is very clear, they dug four thousand feet in the well to get the most clean, most pure water, then after filtration and distillation, after being heated and cooled again and distillation has been repeated three times. Every day also

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