n an interview with the escape North Canton behind the cool autumn no talent don’t do

autumn cool who is a escape North Canton, the circle of friends and one of the 2016 hottest marketing events, he and behind a mountain advertising is behind the push. This time, plum blossom network interview to a mountain autumn cool, together to explore the hidden qualities of his sharp battle.


autumn cool, advertisers, copywriting, after 80, Aries male, Beijing people, a mountain advertising founder.

2016 a "fled North Canton" Declaration of maxed circle of friends, which is behind.

opens the cool autumn experience, brilliant experience more than this, another of his title of " the range rover " copy; but was known.

The range rover

, one of the most famous Real estate advertising company in the industry, producing the document more entrants become word-of-mouth learning model, half of them even more from the hand of autumn.


, the cool autumn is a native of Beijing man, forthright, speak upright, Beijing words called " " ", muddy; self division; talented " family, even bluntly, no talent, a copywriter (advertising) no way out, do not know they have no talent, that is not talent.

, but otherwise quiet side, self ridicule for " 24 year old " like to be alone with yourself, love reading. Writing the "Rover copy director teach you to write the story", "my copy view" article become popular. Advise the young people, young reading, writing for a line is written like this: if you see the "heart" of the book machine can not help in view, but also want to do copywriting, or you can try; talk about "escape North Canton" burst of red, deep the analysis of Mcluhan’s involvement in the " mechanism; ".

does not love to go with the flow, but has a fall trend today, more confident, the business of a small and beautiful " " advertising company, good works and frequent, especially with the north of Guangzhou " " the scraper, is a good choice for many advertisers. In the customer’s choice, the cool autumn has its own " adhere to the standards, the small size of the company, to a certain extent, give me the freedom of choice, talked about it, do not agree, even if " for what is unable to agree on the bottom line, a respect for autumn.

a fled North Canton let autumn cool once again become the focus of attention, so after the event, he still has what to think. As the range rover years had " gold copy " he, which experience with the copy and is entered or will enter a copy Tongren share? The plum network interview to autumn, to listen to his share.

works: wild duck lake autumn distance villa


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