Give an example of mapping the future of credit

: a bold claim credit industry development "in a complete mess"! Too many companies to credit the trend of big wave upwelling, credit products never seem so radical, but how to



may wish to be divided into two aspects: personal credit and corporate credit. Personal credit appears somewhat whirling and unpredictable, regulatory and policy are not clear; enterprise credit chaos, a large number of companies began to climb up the enterprise credit information data from business and government, enterprise credit dispute has evolved into "data crawling" and "anti climbing game" between.

a, industry background research

credit is greater than the unknown, there are three main points:

1 aspects of the laws and regulations of

credit becomes more and more perfect and mature industry norms, at least have characterized the national level reference and phenomenon, the credit industry is no longer the new virgin a gray, no direction.

2 big data technology enables the collection of credit information to break the original narrow limits, multi-channel data acquisition terminal information data of the main body of information from the Internet and mobile platform to fully grasp; secondly, to achieve large data credit data depth data mining, analysis of reaction information subject to better manage the credit status of the use of IT technology, and provide more abundant and credit products and services meet the scene.

3 mobile Internet development, credit scene was exponentially enlarged, the mobile terminal will become the focus of future credit agencies focus. From the point of view of the credit industry chain, data collection, credit service products and application scenarios will be transferred to the mobile terminal in the future. Mobile Internet product scene is more broad, adaptability, compatibility is better.

two, credit products overview

characteristics and development of a credit products, and can not represent the bulk of credit products. Credit industry needs to solve the core problem roughly summed up the following two points:

1 form a single credit information, broaden the application scene credit

1.1 industry status:

The main products are:

report, the credit industry include: personal credit report and credit report and personal credit policy laws and regulations strictly limit in the hands of the central bank and the government, mostly in the regulatory and privacy privacy concerns. Therefore, open credit products is overcautious and very private, even said that some "underground workers" means, credit practitioners jokingly referred to himself just "sell" report.

1.2 credit dilemma:

fault data are very serious, the credit company between the respective data resources, low degree of data sharing, just have the so-called core data, who are willing to open a unique? At least I don’t want to engage in the various results is! ""

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