How to quickly increase user viscosity in QQ space

no matter what platform, for us, what we need is not only the number of our fans, more important is the quality of our fans. We can see that now many, basically belong to the semi disabled state, that is to say, you, although there are a lot of fans, and your fans are through normal channels to promote, are real fans, but is not up to enhance the amount of reading.

the main reason is that we do not have a good day to establish a good relationship, not to interact with the fans. Some people might think that it would not take a lot of time to build a good relationship with the fans,

?It takes some time we

indeed we do interaction, but it does not allow us to do the interaction, we have only done after the interaction, then our fans will rely on this platform for us, so that our reading will increase the amount of natural. Now no matter where is our platform, we to do is fan activity, that is to say we need a large amount of browsing, so for our later operations, we later first profit model is built on the basis of second fans, is our views. The two complement each other, are indispensable, but for space, we need is our views.

take the QQ space, we need to call you if the customer is the promotion of words, so your views must be high, at least need to browse the content of about ten thousand, there is to see our friends how active, this is mainly to see from our friends in the comments. In general, each of us will have to talk about a few friends.

so what are we going to do with our friends, what we can rely on, and how to do it?

first: test questions

after the test, if we rely on test questions to friends and interact with it, then this reply is quite large, and so, as long as we are interesting, then our propagation force is quite large, we test our friends to spread out, so then, we can get many new fans from, so as to enhance the quality and quantity of our fans, no..

we may not understand what to do, then I’ll give you a look at how we do, as shown in Figure:


can we do like this interesting test, so that all our friends to play their own imagination, there is the title, our purpose is to let our friends to join us in this way provided, so as to drive some forward, when our friends used to this kind of tests. Then he will come to see us every time the test, we can see from this good news, when the test did not update your day.

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