Website promotion pull value is higher than the value of push

      network marketing will be widely used in twenty-first Century marketing methods, the two major objectives of network marketing: product sales and brand services.

entered in 2008, Sina, Sohu, NetEase unexpectedly quit the ranks of the top three Internet traffic, replaced by Baidu, Tencent and Google. Advertisers have realized that search engine advertising is not just keywords, PPC and other forms, not limited to only the majority of small and medium enterprises, but not only for the promotion of product sales. In fact, the search engine based on the dissemination of products, has been widely recognized in the foreign brand advertisers. Brand advertisers have realized, put the brand advertising is also very important in the search engine, and forms of communication is not been narrowlyunderstood as to buy a keyword, then text link advertising, search engine advertising can also be more innovation from the aspects of platform, mechanism, pricing, model.

search engine has a congenital marketing advantage, and traditional media passive push information is different, in the search engine, consumers are actively looking for products and information. His search behavior itself shows interest in the product, so the marketing effect is more accurate, and precision is undoubtedly the most attention of all advertisers." Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu business operations stressed.

in the TV, plane era, the main way to push advertising to convey information to consumers, there is a certain degree of coercion. But in the Internet age, online advertising to pure push is difficult to work, after all, for a netizen, if he does not click on the ad, the ad will not be able to convey effective information. The behavior of the search is initiated by the consumer, is active, its pull role is more obvious.

as a typical tool of active marketing, search engine marketing has been widely used in more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, the main purpose is to promote product sales, service and brand enterprises because of a single text search engine chain, it is difficult to meet the advertisers on the brand image and application of relatively small, mainly choose display advertising portal website the vertical or on the site. Because the latter is easier for advertisers to understand, before advertisers put in print ads, TV ads, advertising can be seen to buy.

Shen Haoyu, vice president of business operations, Baidu believes that this concept is actually using the concept of traditional media to use the new media, and did not use the unique advantages of the internet.

a joint survey of online shopping customer sources show that more than 36% of its customer sources from the search engine, the largest customer base into a network store. Internet search has become the preferred way for people to get all sorts of information, search engine marketing value from IT, automotive, real estate and other areas gradually to the field of consumer goods expansion.

as a result of changes in consumer spending habits and the size of the search population continues to expand, and gave a new opportunity for search marketing, more

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