Tencent Senior Product Manager Cao Ning said hardware the next world everything is replaced by 0 an

smart hardware trends, to think from the data.

a, what is intelligent hardware:

The boundaries of

‘s intelligent hardware are already blurred;

is the core of intelligent hardware chip, the chip is composed of 0 and 1 of the world of the two figures. No chip intelligence will be much worse.

two, data:

artificial intelligence is all of the data, the fundamental reason lies in human-computer interaction. The data itself does not have the value, only the application of data to improve the life of intelligent hardware has practical value.

three, connection:

through the connection, the value of the hardware can be reflected. Extensive connections are equally important to all walks of life.

four, design:

the world is a world of experience. The future of product design is not the style of the fight, but whether this comprehensive experience allows the user to understand at first glance.


my entire PPT is no word. Because the text may be inefficient, and the action and expression, pictures with language, may be more interactive.

we are all young, but I have been working for 06 years and I have been working for the past 10 years.

today, I want to give you some new things to start the brain hole. Although today I want to talk about the trend of intelligent hardware, but not with tabular data presentation, but some ideas on things. I think these versatility will be greater for different industry entrepreneurs will be inspired.

my topic today is: smart hardware trends. When you hear the word "trend", is it possible that the first impression is up or down?.

as entrepreneurs, understand the significance of the trend is because we all want to stand on the tuyere. Lei Jun said: "standing on the air and pigs can fly."

when you really look at the trend, we will find that the trend is not only the rise and fall. For example, the weather, there are always spring, summer, autumn and winter, the rise and fall of temperature will appear. We need to see the essence of the rising sun. So the trend of intelligent hardware is not only to see the rise and fall, but to see through its nature.

industrial design, O2O, a variety of application areas, there are a lot of data, icons, company IPO, financing data. These data are of little significance for entrepreneurs, the focus is to analyze the data, thinking.


let’s look at a few pictures. This is Japanese architecture. The wooden structure, Tang Feng, the plant is pruned, in order to be able to let the birds fly past. But this is not typical.


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