The future direction of the development of network marketing brand and content marketing

this evening in the QQ group has a friend to talk about, and now more and more difficult to do network marketing. More and more peer advertising to allow the platform to raise the limit, so that the people who do the work of these rules also hit. For example, before the A5 forum to cancel the signature, such as home owners like to cancel the waterfront area, and the recent WeChat account number, and so on, friends limit measures tell us to do network marketing or promotion more and more difficult.

network marketing should be how to do, everyone has its own unique way. Guardian Yuan Kun here is not willing to publish too many so-called theoretical advice. After all, most people think that it is easier said than done. So for the network marketing, engaged in the promotion of a friend, what should we do?


personally feel that the brand is the eternal topic.

yesterday when the keywords home page, this morning is a hundred outside; when last month promotion reached the target value of flow, much less this month poor; when I tried so hard, but can not reach their desired effect. Are you tired? Are you tired? Because we are still chasing the image. Here is the proposed site operators, network marketing, pay attention to their own brand. Only the brand is the same truth, the brand can form a brand. We have to do is not let the user to search us, or let the user to find us. What I need to do is to remember me and remember me when you need me.

play only platform, content is the foundation.

whether it is blog, forums, e-mail, QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat, or offline publicity. These are just a platform, a tool. Their essence is content. Platform will change, but the content will not. So what we need to do is to provide quality content. Whether it is text, or pictures, video. The content provided is useful to the user, which is enough. Here, we understand that we choose is not a platform, choose what they can provide. Because at any time the user is thinking what he can get from us.

return to our topic. What do you want to do in the promotion of how to send out their ads to be deleted, flow quickly come, my product is the best, how to sell the product to earn more money. There are so many friends who believe in this idea. Every day braved the risk of being blocked, the advertising in the forum in the QQ group advertising, advertising in all advertisers place. Sometimes I think, if I want to see the advertisement is, how? The case of Baidu, more and more people say that Baidu search does not get what you want, but thought, also has its own "contribution" to the strength of a


future direction of the development of network marketing, guardian of the brand Yuan Kun believes that the content model. The formation of brand reputation, give users a kind of trust. After all, trust can communicate at any time

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