The real deal teach you how to do micro business plus WeChat friends

do a lot of micro business partners, we all know the importance of the customer, there are 100 precision customers, with the 1000 precision customers, is definitely more than 10 times the difference between the.

know the importance of friends, so many people try to add more people. So some people can add more than a dozen a day, there are dozens of can be added, or even better, one day can add hundreds of friends.

why add to friends, but can not change the deal?

they are how to add it? WeChat group or QQ group, there are friends who add software, near the people, drift bottles, etc..

then worked hard, not easy to do, just from the derivative with more than and 100 friends, to finally add six hundred or seven hundred friends, friends for the amount of this is quite satisfactory. But the problem appears, and the friends did not want to add their own turnover.

so very tangled, someone asked me where the dynamic bad ah? How dynamic and confused?.

In fact, it should be said that the

into the dynamic optimization of this piece, but, in fact, this has not yet added friends.

In fact,

also know that, plus friends are the main peer, thinking about the transformation of their peers to do with their agents. In fact, you add the same is true of the peers. The user doesn’t really want to buy goods, and now into the derivative agent, the difficulty is much bigger than before, if your strength is strong, but also a little better, the general agent will not be too small, to think about the transformation of peers.

so, add the crowd is not accurate, which also led to the back of your hair again good dynamic, it is difficult to sell goods.

question, what kind of friends to add it?

to add those who really want to buy goods for customers, so that the line.

how do you add these people?

is the first to analyze the purchase of these products customers, in the end who is what kind of


Li Leiting mask, for example, a sales price of 200 yuan or more mask, who will buy it?

age: 20-50 years old

gender: Ladies based

Occupation: female entrepreneurs, host family, ladies, models, beauticians, actors, business executives, translation and so on

income: 10000 yuan -30000 yuan per month

interests: fitness, beauty, plastic surgery, weight loss, shopping, car and so on

for the above analysis, we probably know who will buy our products.

who will buy our products, and how to add them?

online plus friends on a lot of ways, we can go to search, I also follow the

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