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as a social person, every day we can get all sorts of information from different media business information, after all, has now entered a marketing tool to get in by every opening time. When we wake up that moment, marketing activities began, our eyes can be seen after the different businesses LOGO, whether it is a mobile phone or a tube of toothpaste, our brains are produced by deliberate whenever and wherever possible to receive these businesses of all kinds of information, this is our real life.

a, what is the brain for marketing when we bring


although we have been living in an age of marketing everywhere, but as long as we are willing to stop and ask yourself, all day, how many have in our eyes, ears heard the name of the business is still remember, perhaps when we think of a period of time, the businessman jumped out of the brand still, those early for having heard it many times name, please don’t be surprised, after all, this is the reality of the situation.


our brain potential, but without training, then it is not willing to remember some insignificant things, only those who we try and experience, understand the product or service, will let the brain start memory neural activity, began to organize memory.

so when someone asks you what brand, brand, and brand you remember…… We may find we know the number of brands So that is what it is. rare.

two, in the era of marketing, the brain is still loyal to their own.

after all, in real life, people can be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory is too small, so the world is often a very good memory of the people who constitute the main body, so even if we live in the age of excessive marketing, the brain will still be stable and orderly learning information, information filtering and discard information.

understand this person invented the term "brand", because they know that only when repeatedly accumulate, it be possible to let consumers remember the brand your name, although the process is very long.

1, so that consumers know the product. Repeated advertising, in fact, is to let consumers know the product, familiar with the product, after all, when consumers do not even understand the product, how willing to use your product?

2, allowing consumers to use products. When consumers know the product name and use effect, have the opportunity to try to use a variety of products, the cost of investment in the market of the promotion, the purpose is to allow consumers to buy the product, use the product, therefore will continue to carry out various promotional products.

3, after sales is to create a brand start. Many people think that since the product has been sold out, then the end of the sale, is successful, but this is only the beginning of brand building. Every product we sell is actually the best advertising material

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