A website design and production plan

1, the general principles followed by the construction enterprise website

(1) systematic principle. At the same time provide design. The design and implementation of units should fully understand the basic situation of the enterprise culture and the enterprise organization and management of information, target marketing, industry competition, product features, user demand behavior and website promotion operation and other basic issues and other factors into the website construction scheme.

(2) integrity principle. The corporate website is the place of business enterprises on the Internet, should provide complete information and services for users: the basic elements of the website is reasonable and complete; the content of the web site a comprehensive and effective service; and applicable function, convenient website; website construction and website operation and maintenance of cohesion and support.

(3) friendly principle. Friendly website includes three aspects: the user friendly and meet the needs of users, to obtain user trust; the network environment friendly and suitable for search engine, easy to accumulate network marketing resources; to the operator friendly site easy to management and maintenance, improve work efficiency.

(4) simplicity principle. In the premise of ensuring the basic elements of a complete website, as far as possible to reduce the irrelevant content, pictures and multimedia files, users with as few clicks and the shortest possible time to obtain information and services.

(5) adaptability principle. The function, content, service and form of the enterprise website need to adapt to the changing network marketing environment.

2, website construction basic process specification

enterprise website construction (upgrade) contains the following basic processes:

(1) for site planning, including website target, industry competition situation analysis, website structure, user behavior analysis and content planning, web design templates, web server technology selection, website operations maintenance standard basic content;

(2) website technology development, web design;

(3) site testing;

(4) website content release;

(5) website maintenance and management.

3, website domain name and website technical specification

(1) is based on XHTML international WEB standard (CSS+DIV);

(2) home page for the top-level domain name rather than multi-level level;

(3) web site home page and the columns and content pages are not using the site to jump, do not use the transition page / bridge page URL redirection;

(4) rational application of static and dynamic web pages, web pages and other important pages of the site using static web pages;

(5) web content page level should not be too much, not more than four levels;

(6) uses mainstream domain >

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